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Optimal AdvisorAI is committed to demonstrating how AI can be seamlessly integrated into financial practices to save time, enhance knowledge, and forge stronger client connections.  It is about leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence to optimize your time and practice.

Optimal AdvisorAI is at the forefront of the intersection between artificial intelligence and financial services. Our mission is to empower financial professionals and institutions with the knowledge and resources to integrate AI technologies into their daily practices.

We recognize that the financial industry is rapidly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is critical. Therefore, we offer an array of services designed to familiarize financial professionals with the latest AI developments. Through hands-on AI workshops and courses, insightful monthly communications and tailored consulting partnerships, clients receive a comprehensive learning experience. These opportunities are crafted not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also to provide practical applications of AI in financial contexts, ensuring that our clients can put their new skills to work immediately.

By demystifying AI, we make these new and powerful tools accessible for financial professionals. Our team continuously scans the landscape for innovative solutions that allows financial professionals to focus more on high-value activities, such as their clients and growing their business.

Optimal AdvisorAI isn't just a service provider; we are partners in our clients' journey to harness the potential of AI. By staying with advisors every step of the way, we ensure they are fully equipped to meet the changing demands of the industry and sustain a competitive edge.

Our goal is simple: to transform the promise of artificial intelligence into tangible benefits for financial service professionals and their institutions. The integration of AI will never replace the financial professional, but rather augments their capabilities, helping them better respond and connect with their clients.

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Leadership Team


David Itzkovits

Co-Founder of Optimal AdvisorAI


Craig Kirkpatrick

Co-Founder of Optimal AdvisorAI


Karen Hebert-Maccaro

Managing Director, Learning