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How We Work With Financial Professionals

How We Work With Financial Advisors

AI Workshop Introduction

A foundational session designed to ease financial advisors into the world of AI, highlighting 2-3 personal and professional AI use cases to spark early comfort in prompt engineering.

Comprehensive Courses

Tailored educational experiences offering deep dives into AI trends and “ninja” prompting, complete with real-world examples designed for financial advisors, plus the bonus of free monthly office hours for ongoing learning and support.

Productivity Tools

A dedicated stream of skill-building insights and best practices delivered monthly, focusing on new prompting techniques and including valuable cheat sheets to keep financial advisors at the forefront of AI application.

Firm Consulting

Personalized consulting services acting as a trusted partner and sounding board for financial advisory firms, aimed at identifying and implementing AI solutions to tackle company-specific challenges and drive innovation.

Speaking Engagements

Engaging and informative presentations delivered to audiences, aiming to educate financial professionals or their clients on the transformative potential of AI within the financial sector.
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